Lucasfilm have said that the only canonical stories in the Star Wars series are the two cinema released trilogies and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. This means that the Star Wars Expanded Universe isn’t considered canon and as such, none of the epic storylines or characters from the EU will be featured at all in the upcoming Disney trilogy, leaving plenty of room for the films to be stuffed full of Jar Jar-esque tat designed to shift merchandise.

It’s a crying shame. When the news broke millions of Star Wars fans suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Beloved stories and characters from books, comics and games have all been thrown to one side.

Here’s a few of the gems that should have made an appearance.

Kyle KatarnKyle

Kyle was originally an Imperial officer. When he learned the Empire was responsible for his parents’ death he put down his uniform and became a mercenary. He made his first appearance in the Jedi Knight video game series that begun with Star Wars: Dark Forces. From there Katarn featured in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and the expansion Mysteries of the Sith as well as Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. He was also in several books, a comic series and even a radio play.

He’s often found risking life and limb for the Rebel Alliance when it’s too dangerous for anyone else to go in. Kyle retrieved the plans for the first Death Star, the very plans that were forwarded on to Princess Leia and were pivotal in Star Wars IV.

Katarn was so popular that he is one of the few EU characters to be made into an action figure. A brilliant hero that has featured in countless greatest character lists, Kyle will be missed from the Disney trilogy.

Wraith Squadron

The Wraiths were created by the New Republic so a starfighter squadron could complete planet-side missions without having to call in another unit. As such the squadron is able to complete missions for both commando units and a starfighter squadron.

Wraith Squadron was put together by Wedge Antilles and consists of  a group of Republic misfits that other commanders didn’t want including a pilot with multiple personality disorder.

The EU novels featuring the The Wraiths are some of the most action packed and are host to some fantastic adventures. With Wedge Antilles featuring in all three original trilogy films, it’s a shame that the squadron won’t be making an appearance in Episode VII.

SolokidsHan and Leia’s children

This one is more baffling than upsetting. A lot of fans are upset that certain people or places won’t be featuring in JJ Abrams’ Episode VII, but the omission of Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo is disappointing to most Star Wars fans fluent in the EU.

Jaina and Jacen are twins (female and male respectively) and older than Anakin. [Spoilers ahead. If you aren’t already aware of the fate of the three Solo children and want to keep it that way, skip ahead to the next section.]

Anakin is the youngest of the three Solo children and was afraid of falling to the Dark Side, like the grandfather he was named after, from a young age. He trained as a Jedi Knight and ultimately gave his life to save the Jedi from a Jedi-killing scourge.

Jaina was a Jedi Master and a great pilot in the Rogue Squadron, eventually becoming the leader alongside Jacen.  She was a great soldier and gained her rank of Jedi Master from her uncle, Luke Skywalker, thanks to her efforts in stopping Daala from taking over the Jedi Order.

Jacen was a Jedi knight and wanted to keep the Galaxy safe by any means. It was the any means part of that desire that led him down the path to the Dark Side. As a Sith he commited many atrocities before becoming Darth Caedus and ultimately was killed by his twin, Jaina.

There are some serious opportunities being missed by these three not being canonical in Episode VII, excellent story arcs and character development has been chucked away.

Luke’s Wife

Yeah, Luke got married. Well, according to JJ Abrams and Disney he didn’t, but to many a Star Wars fan, he did.

The personification of redemption, Mara Jade Skywalker was originally the Emperor’s Hand to Palpatine. Her last command from him was to kill Luke Skywalker, but after Vader threw the Emperor to his death she went rogue, eventually becoming a smuggler.

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s (we’ll come to him shortly) campaign threw her and Luke together. Eventually the two got married. There’s a lot of story between them meeting and getting married, but it’s best experienced yourself, she’s a great character to read.

A strong female character, Mara Jade would have been a great addition to the male-heavy Episode VII cast.

ThrawnGrand Admiral Thrawn

Finally, enough of the good guys, Mitth’raw’nuruodo was a Chiss better known as Thrawn. He served in the Imperial Navy and was the only alien to ever reach the rank of Grand Admiral in the super-speciesist Navy.

When Palpatine died Thrawn was arguably one of the biggest threats the New Republic faced. He was a genius strategist with the entire Empire behind him. There are so many storylines that could have featured in Episode VII, even if they weren’t the main arc. It’s a shame we won’t even hear of him as he really is a favourite in the EU.

Not only that, he was very blue.

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Where’s Revan?


why would atton and revan be in this? its not even during their time period.


Where’s Atton?