The world has been rocked this morning by the news that Hans Ruedi Giger, better known to many as HR Giger has passed away at 74 after injuries sustained in a fall. The surrealist art genius was best known for his work on design for the movie Alien but added his talents to a wide variety of other works and pieces. Born February 5th 1940 in Switzerland the artist moved to Zurich to study architecture before making a career change into art. Many people make the assumption that Giger only designed the original Alien but his ledger of works goes much further, you may actually be surprised by how much work the Swiss designer did.

In the Alien franchise he designed the original Alien creature along with the “Derelict” and “Space Jockey”, as well as providing designs for the rest of the series including a pile of unused concepts in Alien 3 and some work on Prometheus. Other movies he worked on include Batman Forever (with a sadly unused concept for the Batmobile), Sil and the Ghost Train in the original Species and finally artistic direction in Poltergeist 2: The Other Side.  He also did a little work in movie direction, the design of several classic movie posters, and Nu-Metal band KoRn’s legendary mic stand.

Where you may be surprised to find his influence though was in two Giger bars which opened up in the Swiss towns of Chur and Gruyéres. These places were heavily influenced by the style of his art but they will not constitute his legacy. Hundreds of artists and designers in the creative industries have cited HR Giger as an influence in their artistic creations. Cyberpunk-style settings and creature designs have been springing up for years which look almost like an homage to the works of this celebrated artist.

The condolences of the n3rdabl3 team go to any of his close friends and we give a heartfelt Rest in Peace to the man who inspired hundreds of artists, games designers and movie makers. With HR Giger, the creative world right now would not be the same.


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Brandt Hardin

Fusing the erotic, gothic and surreal- Giger was an art movement unto himself. He inspired me from an early age with his fantastic dreamscapes and esoteric imagery. I was compelled to illustrate a tribute to him this week drawing imagery from his own works including Alien and the Birthing Machine at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2014/05/in-memoriam-hr-giger.html . Drop by and share how his artwork opened your own mind!