Lionhead Studios has unveiled a new and fairly unpleasant addition to their upcoming Xbox One title, Fable Legends, a new enemy which not only looks awful, but smells just as bad too. Introducing The Ogre, an unpleasant fellow covered in warts, blubber and noxious gas.

You may have seen The Ogre already in some of the concept artwork for Fable Legends, the upcoming Xbox One title from Lionhead Studios which is set roughly 400 years prior to the first game, Fable, in a time before the Heroes Guild was founded, but Lionhead Studios has decided to give us more of a formal introduction of this putrid character.

“Due to their very thick hides, Ogres are extremely hard to vanquish,” describes Lionhead in a blog post dedicated to the beast. “Heroes tell tales of swords barely making a dent in the rubbery blubber, and arrows bouncing off warty behinds. However, Legend has it that this stinky behemoth has an Achilles heel, on its …perhaps the less said about where the better.”

The Ogre not only looks and smells unpleasant, his armour and weaponry is concocted and fabricated from the loot of fallen Heroes, sadly the armour doesn’t quite fit this big fella so he’s left feeling a bit under dressed.

“Ogres are born as twins. When they reach puberty these twins will wrestle to the death, the loser ending up as a head on a stick (commonly called a Noggin) that the surviving ogre uses as a weapon,” explains Lionhead. “For reasons that are still to be fully understood, these heads remain alive and capable of conversation, well, as capable as an ogre that is. It has also been noted that it is difficult to tell the gender of an Ogre just by looking at it, as females of the species are just as warty, uncouth and odorous as their male counterparts.”

To read more about The Ogre, head to the source link below.. Or not.. I wouldn’t blame you.

Fable Legends is set to land exclusively on Xbox One, a release date is yet to be announced.


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Wow the details in this game are incredible.