The third hero in Lionhead Studio’s upcoming foray into the Fable universe for Xbox One, Fable Legends, has been revealed with a touching back-story of heroics and revenge. Inga isn’t your typical bow-wearing lass either because if you get on the wrong side of her, she’ll kick your ass.

Inga was the tallest and strongest kid in her village and because of that she put the burden of being the protector of the younger kids against the older kids and bullies who took advantage. It’s a touching story of heroism gone wrong however, when one day Inga’s friend told her a bully had mistreated her so she took it upon herself to seek revenge punching and breaking the boys arm ruining his future of ever becoming a blacksmith, but all wasn’t as it seemed..

“The boy fell heavily, breaking his arm as he did. Neither knew it at the time but this injury would never truly heal, ending his dreams of becoming a blacksmith. To make things worse, Inga soon learned that the boy had done nothing but spurn the girl’s romantic advances,” reads the blog post. “The girl had used Inga.”

From here Inga vowed to never let that happen again and abstained from violence, instead she attempted to solve disputes with words. It wasn’t until one day when Inga and her friends were set upon by Bandits, Inga broke her abstinence and knocked the biggest and meanest Bandit out cold, taking the shield the outlaw had looted to defeat two others before the rest of the group fleed.

“Witnessing this battle, Inga’s friends realised the truth, Inga was a Hero. It seemed hard to deny, for not only was there Inga’s defeat of the villains to consider, but also the fact that Bulwark (the Hero’s magical shield) had taken to her.”

Armed with Bulwark, her new “Dragon Proof” shield with the power to heal and reform no matter the damage it took, Inga headed for Brightlodge to learn how to hero properly.

Inga is certainly someone you don’t want to mess with and the blog post makes sure you’re aware of that too: “If you’re stupid enough point a weapon at her companions she will ensure that you never threaten anyone again.”

Fable Legends, set 400 years before the events in the first Fable game, is set to land exclusively on Xbox One. No release date has yet been revealed.


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