Guerilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall is going to be the latest first person shooter to get an additional co-operative multiplayer mode where working together is the key. Titled, Interceptor, players are tasked with working together to.. well.. intercept Helghast military transmissions at enemy bases, but don’t expect to progress if you can’t work in a team.

Intercept is expected to come to Killzone: Shadow Fall next month bringing with it a new type of game mode for the next-gen shooter. Interceptor takes a familiar concept of attacking and defending against hordes of enemies whilst you and your team work together to stay alive and complete the objective at hand.

In Intercept each map has three capture points which players must capture and defend against the oncoming waves of Helgast, not only that players acquire points throughout the game by killing, reviving, and capturing which must be banked at a central terminal in order for them to count towards their overall score.

Though it sounds familiar to other co-operative first person shooters, Guerilla Games has thrown a spanner into the works with Intercept. The points which players acquire and bank throughout the game will be called upon whenever a team mate goes down, and points acquired increase in value the longer they’re held before banking often putting players in a ‘catch 22’ situation.


Players will be required to fill the boots of four unique classes: Assault, Marksman, Medic, and Tactician, all of which can only be selected once. Each class has it’s own important and unique skills, features, and weaknesses.

“For classes, we looked at their abilities and weapons and made sure there is very little overlap between the four,” said designer Arjan Bak. “We have the Assault, who has a very powerful shotgun and he’s the one that can quickly recapture the uplinks if they’re lost. On the flip side we have the Tactician. His game is more of a first-person tower defense. He’s got to constantly look around and find the best spots to place his turrets.”

As for the medic class, this class takes on a more traditional role by providing much needed support in the form of health and revivals which are done with his drones, his main role is remaining on the ball as to the status of his team mates. As for the Marksman class, this guy has a powerful rifle and is expected to take more of a high-up approach giving the sit-rep to the rest of his team.

“We don’t have a minimap because we wanted the Marksman to sit up in a high position and call out where the enemies are coming from,” Bak said. “You really have to rely on your teammates — with friends, it’s really fun to play that way.”

As players are defending and capturing points from the Helghast, the opposition is under the control of an AI commander, who adapts and changes the the structure and behaviour of the enemy soldiers to perform better against how your team is playing. The AI commander will do this by throwing a spanner into the works by placing a ‘mini boss’ in amongst the waves of Helghast’s to throw off your team and increase the difficulty.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is expected to launch next month with four maps to choose from. Guerilla Games has revealed that an additional handful of maps will be added later down the line. Players can get the DLC as part of the Season Pass or sold separately as a standalone version later this year.

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james millard
james millard

No mini map? Count me in! Sick and tired of them, completely ruin the emersion and always at such a disadvantage with it off. Feel like my eyes are pulling apart from having one constantly glued to the fucking thing! Really looking forward to this