Not only are Motorola currently busy with the release of the Moto E, it looks like they’ve been busy bringing a much needed memory injection into their current flagship, the Moto X according to a screenshot of the device discovered on the Moto Maker.

Spotted by and translated by Phone Arena, Motorola plan to release a new variant of the Moto X that’ll come with an extra wad of memory. The 64GB Moto X was spotted on the Moto Maker according to the report that’ll be priced at $449.99 which is only $50 more than the 32GB and $100 more than the 16GB versions.

The screenshot has no indication as to when the device will be released and whether it’ll land outside the US before Motorola unveil the details of their next flagship the Moto X+1.

To add more fuel to the rumour fire though, following the report Phone Arena has heard from one of its readers that the 64GB Motorola Moto X is real and that it is coming to Sprint, again no date was specified.

It doesn’t seem like the unlikeliest rumour to come from Motorola, but it’s likely something the company may announce along side their refreshed version of the Moto X, currently titled, the Moto X+1. Details of the rumoured device are pretty thin other than that it’ll come with more colour options and a new fancy faux leather option.


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