Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play massively multiplayer World War II first person shooter from Reto-Moto that throws players in the middle of a persistent battle between Axis and Allies in central Europe. The game features a massive strategic multiplayer campaign where the battles you decide to fight will have massive impact on the war raging between thousands of other players.

In the latest gameplay trailer for Heroes & Generals, Reto-Moto remind you that wars aren’t won by tanks alone showing you the vast amount of weapons and vehicles that you can use in the game to win each epic battle between Axis and Allies.

Roto-Moto have also announced that a huge update will be coming to the Heroes and Generals servers bringing with it a huge armoury of weapons and vehicles.

“A series of updates will hit the live servers during the coming weeks, expanding the armory in Heroes & Generals with tons of new weapons and vehicles for your soldiers,” said Roto-Moto in a press release. “This is in addition to the loads of new content introduced in the recently released ‘Oster’ update such as new machineguns, new recon vehicles, new assault team types, and much more.”

Heroes & Generals is free to play right now.

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