The Pokémon Company have announced that the distribution of a ‘Fancy Pattern Vivillon’ will happen as soon as a new Global Trade Station miletone is reached. Sitting at around 90 million trades, as soon as the counter hits 100 million the Pokémon Company will release a brand new variant of Vivillon to mark the occasion.

Vivillon is known for its unique patterns which differ based on the Pokémon’s real-world location, something which has made the delicate little poket monster highly sought after on the Global Trade Station. It’s this as well as many other reasons to trade your Pokémon is why the counter is teetering ever closer to 100 million and as soon as it hits that target, we all get a new Pokémon!

Where this new Vivillon will differ to its standard counterpart in both Pokémon X and Y is that this unique patterned Pokémon, called ‘Fancy Pattern Vivillon’, will remain the same no matter where in the world the Pokémon is acquired.

Eventually as soon as this enormous milestone is reached, a special distribution event will take place, which enables all players of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y to receive the Fancy Pattern Vivillon wherever they are in the world. Once the goal is reached, players can check to find out how to get the Fancy Pattern Vivillon in their Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game.

So there you have it, what are you waiting for? Get trading your Weedles and Bellsprouts, Pikachu’s and Butterfree’s, Machop’s and Zigazoons to help reach that tremendous milestone!

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