Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a real alien? If you answered “Yes!” then you’re all outta luck here my friend, but if you want to poke and prod a virtual alien whilst trying to replace its Gobbleshaft then you are in luck, thanks to the new update for Surgeon Sim for iPad introducing Alien Gworb and six new impossible-to-pronounce surgeries!

If Surgeon Sim wasn’t already impossibly difficult you ought to know that there’s a version on iPad now, understandably if you’ve been lost in space all this time then you wouldn’t know that would you. Thankfully you’ve landed back on Earth just in time as Nigel needs you to help him perform six brand new (to the iPad) surgeries on his new alien friend Gworb.

In the latest update for Surgeon Sim you’ll be able to get “hands-on” with a real (not real) alien, the very same alien hidden deep inside the PC version of Surgeon Sim. Along with the six new transplant comes six new achievements so for you achievement hunters out there; get slicing!

Surgeon Sim for iPad launched in March to global acclaim. The game has left its bloody prints across the paid App Store charts hitting the Top 3 overall in English-speaking countries as well as hitting the Top 5 overall in 49 countries. Not only that, Surgeon Sim hit the peak of the Role Playing charts across 91 countries including US, UK, Australia, and Canada!

Grab Surgeon Sim for iPad now!


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