Clash of Champions is now free to download on iOS.  Whilst in beta the game proved highly popular across Steam and Android. It is a turn-based strategy game from Cliffhanger Productions. 

Players will be able to engage in battle in 10 minute bursts across Android and iOS phones and tablets, it is also available through Steam on both PC and Mac. The game, which launched today, kicks off with a competition to celebrate the launch, that will reward the player who takes the crown of AEther Master with $1,000!

For countless years there has been an endless war for AEther.  The wars have desolated the landscape and the battles have taken to to the skies in 9 flying arenas.  Sky captains must make choices before heading into battle, they will need to decide on their airship and the crew of champions who will steer them in the battle towards victory.  Players are rewarded with AEther for skilful play which will allow them to charge up and use their special attacks in the arena.  A strategic mind is needed for this game as battles have a time limit of 10 minutes which means you will have to be quick in vanquishing your enemies to become champion.

Here are some key features and highlights of the game:

  • Turn based strategy on mobiles
  • Deep tactical gameplay
  • Battle at any point
  • Short sessions
  • Distinctive 3D steampunk graphics
  • Live multiplayer: compete against friends, other players or complete solo challenges
  • Over 300 achievements to be unlocked

Still not sure? Well check out the trailer above!

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