Speaking with The Angry Joe Show, Creative Assembly’s  lead game designer Gary Napper gave some insight as to how long players can expect to be exploring the dark, eerie and deserted space station as well as revealing that there is, of course, more than one Alien.

“The game’s actually about 15 hours long because we’ve got so much to do with the narrative and all the different mechanics of the alien,” Napper revealed. “On top of that we have the other threats about the station, we have a big long story that folds out. Also it’s a bit like a Metroidvania game where you have a linear story you go through but you can also go back and explore areas you’ve been to.”

Napper revealed that there’s a lot more to do in the world of Alien Isolation aside from following the game’s narrative, including searching areas you’ve already visited to discover new things as well as opening up new areas to explore. He explained that a player could never actually see an alien if they’re being super stealthy and not causing any reason for the Alien to come and investigate.

“The difficult thing is nailing a time because people can play for absolutely ages without even seeing the alien because they’re being really careful and really stealthy, they’ve done nothing to call him down or there have been no explosions that he has come to investigate. Those people can get through it fairly quickly.”

Napper also revealed that there’s more than one type of alien on board the deserted space station, but surviving is the key with shooting being an afterthought. For the full interview, check out the video below.

Alien Isolation launches on October 7 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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