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Those of you hoping to grab Amazon’s smartphone offering totally SIM-free, you’re shit outta’ luck as sources have confirmed that Amazon’s smartphone, rumoured to be unveiled on Wednesday, will be exclusive to AT&T, which leaves little hope for those looking to get the smartphone outside the US.

Amazon’s smartphone has been a hot topic for almost as long as the existence of the Kindle Fire, but it’s only as of late that Amazon have been hinting themselves that a smartphone is in the works. Set to be revealed this Wednesday, the latest rumours surrounding Amazon’s smartphone are juicy ones and will truly make this device one of a kind.

Amazon’s Smartphone, confirm multiple sources who have speaking to  BGR, will be exclusive to AT&T and have speculated that the phone’s rumoured special data plan, called “Prime Data”, will allow users to stream Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music via mobile data absolutely free leaving the users mobile data allowance untouched.

Following this The Wall Street Journal, also citing unnamed sources, have also confirmed BGR’s report.

With this news, it seems that for Amazon to launch their smartphone outside the US the company will need to find other carriers who are willing to forego data in order to get exclusivity on Amazon’s device, a job which I’m presuming won’t be easy.

Amazon are set to unveil their smartphone on Wednesday. Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for the latest on the device, tomorrow.

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