When was the last time you used your phone while driving? Well, Google is looking to use Android to make sure no one can answer that question with anything but “I don’t.”

At the Google I/O conference, Android Engineering Director Patrick Brady revealed that Google have been working to create a product called Android Auto. It is designed to be plugged into vehicle interfaces and used for what Google says are the biggest reasons people use their phones, navigation, messaging, or to stream media.

Android Auto will also be optimized for voice, so that the driver of the vehicle never has to remove their hands from the wheel.

Brady also mentioned the system will be powered exclusively by the phone being used for it, so when you upgrade your phone or download an update, it will process at the speed of your new device.

Even better news for Android fans, an SDK was revealed for the project, and Google expressed their desire to get as many developers as possible to join the program.

Hopefully this will put up enough of a fight to combat Apple’s CarPlay, based similarly off of the iPhone.

Android Auto will roll out soon, along side many other features Google touted at this year’s I/O.

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