The Moto X+1 has probably leaked more than any phone I’ve ever covered here on n3rdabl3. Whether it’s a crappy ‘press render’, a dodgy bullshot from an odd angle, or a blurry video showing off something that could resemble a smartphone, the Moto X+1 has had it all however, this latest leak is a new one, even for me. It’s wrapped in plastic and is placed on what looks like a barbecue for this demonstration..

Yep, TK Tech News are back once again with the second of five upcoming leaks of the Moto X+1 this time showing us the phone in action, there’s just one little problem, it’s covered in plastic wrapping making it almost impossible to see the phones close-to-vanilla Android UI. In the video the leaker does explain that he’s covered it in cling film in order to cover up the identifying marks.

This video mainly gives us another look at the newer boot animation for the Moto X+1 as well as a little look at the phone’s features and bezels. The leaker explains that the phone does contain some Verizon bloatware suggesting that this is a device for testing on their network. There’s not really a lot else to see until tomorrow when the third video will show the device against the Moto X.

What do you think of the Moto X+1 so far? To me it looks unsurprisingly the same as the Moto X despite the larger screen and the higher resolution.

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