Apple has finally lifted the restriction on Bitcoin trading apps on the app store which means those of you who are keen traders of the virtual currency, and own an iPhone, will finally be able to trade on the move. The first app to take advantage of this lifted restruction is CoinPocket which appeared on the App Store yesterday after the change of Policy this weekend.

This weekend Apple added a new rule to the store guidelines that have allowed virtual-currency wallets onto the App Store, this new condition requires the developer to simply comply with state and federal laws in all areas that they operate. Previously Apple had prevented virtual currency wallets, which act as bank accounts for Bitcoin and the like, from appearing on the App Store, so it’s great to finally see that Apple are becoming more open to virtual currencies, though there’s fat chance the App Store will start accepting Bitcoin.

Apple, along with many other companies, have taken a step back from the virtual world of cryptocurrency due to it’s unregulated and fairly volatile nature. Let’s hope that Apple starts a trend with more people openly accepting currencies like Bitcoin.

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