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At Computex, the biggest annual exhibition of new technology, in Taiwan today, ASUS opened the flood gates on a range of devices in both the notebook, tablet, and phone market. They also unveiled the ASUS Transformer Book V, a device that’s a notebook, a tablet, and a phone all-in-one, what’s more it runs both Android and Windows simultaneously.

Based around the same concept as their ASUS Transformer Book Duet that didn’t quite make the cut, the Transformer Book V hopes to pick up where the Duet failed. Sporting a smaller 12.5 inch scren, the Transformer Book V merges both ASUS’ notebook technology with their Fonepad technology blending together a notebook, a tablet, and a smartphone for the most versatile experience you’ll ever need.

As a notebook, the Transformer Book V houses a 12-inch screen and a keyboard dock which holds the devices massive 1TB storage. It runs both Windows 8.1 as well as Android 4.4 whenever the Transformer Book V’s smartphone is docked. Next, with the keyboard removed it becomes a dedicated Windows tablet or, if you prefer, an Android tablet all at the push of a button, you’ll be able to switch between OS’s at any time “instantaneously”.

As a tablet users can use the HD IPS touch screen display so seamlessly switch between Android and Windows OS and make the most of the tablet’s 128GB of storage for music, pictures, and other files. Finally, the tablet takes a leaf out of ASUS’s range of Fonepads which blend a tablet with a more portable smartphone which docks into the back of the device.

As a phone, users will be able to benefit from the portability of the 5-inch LTE device, the first of which that is powered by an Intel AtomTM quad-core processor. The Transformer Book V is also powered by a 2500mah battery that provides up to 10 hours of web browsing time.

For those that often take their work on the go on a regular basis, I can imagine the Transformer Book V is the idea powerhouse for productivity. Benefiting from both the Windows Store and the Google Play store, the Transformer Book V will be able to attend to anyone’s needs, by only question is, is it a little too versatile to be practical?

ASUS Transformer Book V_PR01

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