Battlefield 4

Ah, the launch of Battlefield 4, I remember how it could have gone a lot better than it actually did. Granted, it wasn’t quite as bad as SimCity, but it was bad enough for DICE to suspend all DLC development until the team could get a grasp of the situation which left the game unplayable to many not just on one platform, but almost all of them. This caused fan backlash towards EA, something which CEO Andrew Wilson actually agrees with, calling the launch “unacceptable.”

Speaking with Eurogamer, Wilson sympathised with Battlefield 4 players who purchased the game at launch and were involved with the events that soon unravelled.

“For clarity it wasn’t actually a server problem for Battlefield 4,” Wilson revealed. “It was a client side problem. Right now the game is playing extremely well, and people are in there and having a lot of fun. I’m still playing it.”

“For me, the situation we had was unacceptable. For the team it was unacceptable. We have worked tirelessly since then to make sure the gameplay experience got to where it absolutely should have been at launch and we’re focused on that and we continue to deliver value to that player base.”

EA hopes things will change in the future now the development process has been changed and will hopefully be evident in their upcoming cops vs. crooks game, Battlefield Hardline. EA have discussed the launch of various Beta’s for future EA titles so as not to have a repeat of the Battlefield 4 launch, whether that’ll be a success remains to be seen.

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