Bone Gulch
Bone Gulch

Have you ever wanted to roam the desert preying on vulnerable farmers? Perhaps you would prefer to start the gold rush and explore the depths searching for treasure? Or maybe your ambitions are higher and see yourself becoming sheriff, having a shoot-out in your local saloon with the yellow-bellied outlaws of the wild west?

Independent games developer Nesoi Tech has announced a crowd-funding campaign via KickStarter to raise funds for their upcoming Western themed sandbox MMO named Bone Gulch. This unique idea is currently in development heading for PC, Mac and Linux scheduled for the Autumn of 2015.

Whilst roaming around the desert on a horse you will encounter single-player campaigns with immersive characters and stories, captivating co-op experiences and online multiplayer action. 

When playing Bone Gulch every action you make has consequences shaping how future events unfold with a sophisticated crafting system, 1 v 1 combat and a unique bounty system.  On top of this this wild west environment allows you to fully customise your character, equip them with many different weapons, accessories and upgrades.  Prepare your colt revolver, saddle your horses and prepare for for some wild west action.

Like the sound of this? Head to their Kickstarter campaign to donate to the developers to help them create this awesome idea into a brilliant game!

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