Recently I’ve set myself a personal goal. The goal is expand my horizons, and I’m going to achieve this by reading a wider rangers of comics. I’ve been delving into different genres, different publishers and anything that differed from my usual reading diet of Spider-man and co. So I began to do keyword searches on Comixology and see what came up.

After one wide swinging search after another I discovered Dynamites Battlestar Galactica line of comics. As you know I’ve talked about the nature of continuity between a franchise that used different formats to tell a story. My curiosity became piqued by the 90’s art style so I took a peak at Battlestar Galactica Season Zero.

What I’ll be doing every so often with my “Brief History’s of..” is coming back to this series after I’ve read a certain number of issues and doing a recap of events and maybe a brief critique depending on how secure I feel at the time.

Season Zero as you may have guessed from the title is a prequel series, set two years before the show begins. So far I’ve read issues 0 to 2. The story for these issues feels more like a an episode of Star Trek.

We start out with William Adama and Saul Tigh being assigned to the Galactica after a disastrous mission on their previous ship, The Battlestar Valkyrie (which is also a reference to an episode in Season 3). The grizzly duo’s first mission aboard The Galactica is to find out what happened to former Colonial officer Julian DiMarco, a personal friend of Adama’s.

Adama arrives at a planet in the neutral space between Colonial and Cylon space where the Admiral and the Exploratory Fleet were last seen. Taking a leaf from the Picard/Kirk book of command Adama takes a team to the planet surface and finds the planet riddled with Cylons, DiMarco, and a few survivors.

That’s right Adama encounters Cylons prior to the Holocaust and not once is this mentioned. Maybe it wasn’t mentioned because it was classified mission.

It’s soon revealed DiMarco was tricked into mining the planet by the Colonial Military as the wiped out a separatist movement on the planet. After Adama and co take down a few more Cylons and a separatist survivor is found.

In the end Adama leaves DiMarco and his wife to live in guilt.

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