The Other Spider-Man

Were you expecting a Brief History based around Battlestar Galactica Season Zero? If so, you may have to wait, since this week has been a busy one for me and for new comic releases. This week we’ll be discussing what, in my opinion, is one of the most creepiest Spider-man story arcs. I’m actually that creeped out by it that I’ve currently taken out one ear-phone, just in case.

That arc is called Spider-man: The Other – Evolve or Die.

Back in the early 2000’s, the comics industry was struggling to recover from their 90’s black eye. So in an attempt to ‘up’ sales, Marvel took some drastic action. They invited Sci-Fi scribe J Michael Straczynski to write Spider-man. As a result, Straczynski teamed up with artist John Romita Junior, to write a set of stories which explored the heavily implied mystical side of Spider-man’s power.

You see they implied that Spider-man may have had his spider powers the whole time and the spider bite did nothing as it has never been established that it had given him his powers in the first place. At the same time a properly manly vampire called Morlun strolled onto the scene backing up the implication that Peter Parker may actually be some kind of totem superhero of sorts.

After a pretty epic and brutal battle, Spider-man thought he had defeated Morlun, but of course this a comic book, so he didn’t. Years later Peter receives some bad news, he’s going to die from a rare disease and he hasn’t go long left, after he tries rallying all of  his super smart pals like Reed Richards and Tony Stark they still can’t come up with anything.

Peter has to expect the end is coming and decides to spend it with his family and the even go to Latveria to use a time portal to reminisce with MJ and Aunt May using old Iron Man armour to walk in. Sadly the illness doesn’t catch up with Peter, but Morlun does, and their epic skirmish finally ends the life of Peter Parker.

Nah, I’m just joking. Instead, here comes the scary creepy stuff: Peter’s body disappears and forms a cocoon around itself, out of sight. Peter then encounters a giant spider which tells him he must embrace the human or spider side of himself, to which Peter pops out of the cocoon reborn, complete with new powers.

All of which got rectoned later.

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