Destiny could easily be mistaken for a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, I mean, in Japan it sort-of is, but elsewhere it seems that Bungie have been giving Sony’s consoles the preferential treatment what with the handful of exclusive content, the early access Alpha, and the upcoming Beta. But according to community manager David Dague, they’re not ostracising Xbox with the exclusivities.

In an interview with the Angry Joe Show, Dague assured viewers that everything coming to PlayStation will eventually appear on Xbox at some point. Sadly he didn’t reveal any estimations as to when, but according to the PS4 listing for Destiny on Amazon US, Xbox isn’t going to get the exclusive content until the Fall of 2015, that’s a year after the games release.

“Well, we’re making a game for the Xbox guys,” said Dague. “Any suggestion that we’re ostracising or alienating the Xbox community – I mean, we are making a game for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.”

“We’re immensely proud of our legacy with the Bungie community and the Halo games. We absolutely want them to join us in the world of Destiny. The exclusives we have announced will be available to them on a long enough timeline. I don’t know if that timing has been revealed yet, but everything you’re going to see in this game will be available to all some day.”

Destiny is set for release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 9. The PlayStation version of the game is set to come with exclusive content such as a handful of new ships, a co-op Strike map, a competitive multiplayer map, the Monte Carlo assault rifle, Hawkmoon hand cannon and new armour sets for all three classes.

For the full interview, and to hear what Dague has to say about the future of the game, head to the source link below.

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Console Gamer

So what do they call it? Okay, so Bungie probably received a truck full of money from Sony for the timed exclusive content, but I can’t agree that this is a smart business decision as doing this can limit the size of their install base. Why should Xbox One owners bother buying Destiny when it comes out with incomplete content? They can simply just wait until everything is there. And by the time this happens, the momentum has already passed. Let’s not forget the importance of momentum in console gaming. Unlike PC games, which still sell years after their release,… Read more »

John Griffin
John Griffin

It’s not “incomplete content” its just Playstation getting some extra DLC, how is it any different from what Ubisoft do with Playstation exclusive content that never goes to xbox or Activision timed exclusive DLC with Call of Duty or any pre order bonus that get released later on? Bungie have said they are putting their next ten years in to this game so its only going to get bigger and bigger. If not getting a few small extras puts anyone of playing the game that kind of sucks as it is a fun game.

Console Gamer

Good point! Still not a fan of this exclusive content though. Why won’t they just allow people to buy content that they want to get? They’re limiting their own market.

John Griffin
John Griffin

It’s something i have been thinking about since starting to write for this site. I think Bungie might be doing it to bring in Playstation players who might not have played a halo game. unfortunately its not something thats going to go away sony or microsoft will always be willing to pay a bit more to bring in players.