catlateral damage

Cats, you either love them or hate them. With two cats of our own we often go between the two emotions with our lovable pair of cretins. During the day they’re the cute balls of fur curled up at the end of the bed with that ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look on their pudgy little faces. Come late evening though, and they turn into a pair of little terrorists fighting, running around, and knocking things off of surfaces without a care in the world. But have you ever wondered what its like to be a destructive little feline? Well Catlateral Damage hopes to give you that opportunity now it’s headed to Kickstarter.

Creator Chris Chung launched the alpha demo of Catlateral Damage earlier this year, which put you into the furry boots of a cat with free reign of a room filled with all sorts of delicate objects you could knock off of tables and destroy. The demo itself received a ton of positive feedback from cat lovers around the world and following a few regular updates, has now taken to Kickstarter to launch the game in full.

Hoping to raise $40,000 (£24,000) to turn Catlateral Damage into a full game that’ll see you, as a virtual cat, rifle and destroy a series of procedurally generated houses one after another until you finally destroy something very expensive in a mansion at the end of the street. The full game is set to include power-ups and different cat classes to help you on your way, with different abilities such as higher jumping or the ability to destroy plants being planned.

For $10 or more you’ll be able to get the full copy of the game if the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal and if you’re feeling generous a donation of $9,999 or more will get you a real life cat, well.. Not quite. This tier will see Etian, the Fire Hose Founder who’s helping Chung launch the game, will adopt a cat. Apparently there’s no limit so you could clear out the local shelter if you wanted to. He’ll periodically send you pictures of the cat(s) and you are invited to come and hang out with him or her when you are in Boston. This tier also gives you the Fat Cat tier as well as 10 copies of the game for you to share with your friends!

Are you yet to play Catlateral Damage? You can for free right in your browser! Fancy donating to the Kickstarter, well what are you waiting for, click here.

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