Chris Lilley

I love Chris Lilley, I make no secret of my love for Chris Lilley. I throw around Summer Heights High quotes like everyone else on the planet throws around Mean Girls quotes. I think I shout “go back to Tonga” at least once a day, Chris Lilley is without a doubt my spirit animal.

His new project is a one off, one hour mockumenary about snowboarding culture that will include Australian prankster/vlogger David Thorne and is called Cold Feet: America’s Bunny Slopes, it sounds like it’s going to be another comedy hit for Lilley.

David Thorne described it perfectly:

It’s about two individuals who embrace the snowboarding culture to the fullest extent but do not know how to snowboard … Chris plays Derek, a Shaun White devotee to the extent of dying his hair red, while I play his best friend Josh who spends more time trying on different outfits and buying new gear than on the snow … Chris and I first met a couple of years ago at a function and share a similar sense of humor. In his words, “We’re like peas in a pod. Except I’m talented and famous.

The one hour special will air on HBO in the US on August 8th and will hit Australian / UK screens this September.

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