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Atsuo Yoshimura isn’t exactly a household name but the recent title for which he acts as producer, Dark Souls 2, is. The release has seen roaring success as of late both for its own merits and the reputation of it’s predecessor; a success which has given rise to a public desire for the latest entry to hit next gen consoles. During an interview with OXM at E3, Atsuo gave a hint that this desire could become a reality.

After they’ve finished working on their Dark Souls 2 DLC The Lost Crowns that is.

When asked about whether the critically acclaimed Action-RPG (even we loved it) would come to the eighth console generation, he said “There could be potential to have such an opportunity, but at this moment we’re focusing on the three DLCs at this moment.” Yoshimura continued on to reiterate the reason why this potential release is on the back burner, saying “It’s only after the release of {Dark Souls 2} that we decided to create The Lost Crowns DLC, so we’re really working on a tight schedule. Once we finish working on those, we might have the time to consider about the next opportunity or next project.”

It’s barely a confirmation that this dream will be fulfilled, but From Software have a history of listening to fans – the torrid release of Dark Souls on PC for example – meaning that they are most certainly considering this possibility. With evidence from Atsuo himself that they are “keeping an eye on community channels”, we can safely assume that should those of us who desire such a release form an alliance of keyboard-savvy warriors that the potential for a latest generation Dark Souls 2 could be a reality.

There is a note that’s worthy of bringing up here. This interview was conducted by an Xbox One-centric publication, that doesn’t mean the possibility isn’t being thought about for PlayStation 4 as well.

Keep an eye on the petition sites, someone’s bound to start one which may give Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners the opportunity to battle their way through Drangleic.

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Dark souls 2 is not very good at all. It’s only rated teen, less than half the size of des or ds there’s pre order dlc for weapons and armor. Regret buying it through psn because I can’t sell it. I beat it in less than 3 days with no help online. Dark souls took me 8 months to beat lol then I bought the dlc and started again. I didn’t feel like that after 2 I felt cheated.

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

well first of all it was rated teen for the exact same reasons the first game was rated mature (so esrb is just more lenient) and it’s common knowledge that the higher the rating the more little kids will pick it up for most games (maybe not the souls series but at least little kids going to 838 and fighting you via soul memory is better than getting invaded by 20 people with maxed equipment in your first hour of playing DS1), it was more than twice the size of DS1 idk what you’re talking about there… It’s easier so… Read more »


Ds2 is 5 gb ds1 is almost 10 and on top of that the level design is linear. Barely any shortcuts connecting the world. It’s rated teen because there is barely any blood and it’s not really violent more of a mainstream release to bring you in if you haven’t heard of the series. I rarely got invaded because I was level 230 and the servers didn’t allow a much higher level to invade another I think , I enjoyed the physics,I just expected more but it wasn’t the same director/producer as well.