Bungie have revealed the Trophies and Achievements that players will be fighting for once the game goes on sale in September. In this weeks Weekly Update, ‘urk’ revealed a few pieces of interesting information including the games official rating, when the Beta will go live, and a few of the games dialogues are getting tweaked.

First off, ‘urk’ revealed that the game has officially been rated as T for Teen by the ESRB citing “animated blood” and “violence.” We’re yet to hear what the games PEGI rating will be. The games Beta will go live for the PS3 and PS4 on the 17th of July, unfortunately, Xbox players will have to wait a little longer.

Next up, ‘ukr’ wrote that Ghost’s dialog from the Alpha has already been changed for the Beta and will be worked on again for the full release.  And finally, the achievement and trophy list has been revealed. There are some PVP achievements too so better get ready for some multiplayer if you want the platinum trophy.

Destiny will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the 9th of September. Did you get a chance to try out the Alpha or do you have to wait until the Beta starts in July?

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