In an E3 interview with TechRadar, Bungie’s Head of Community Eric Osborne opened up a little about Destiny’s campaign and end game. While PlayStation 4 players had a chance to try out the games Alpha, very little of the game was open. 

It is unclear at the moment what Destiny’s campaign will be like or how long it will last but Osborne said:

“In Destiny, when you complete the campaign, you’re really just getting started.

“We have a pretty good understanding of that full arc…It certainly isn’t completed in the first entry to Destiny. We want to make sure that there’s a great introduction to the world and you get a sense of completion as you finish the game, but we certainly want to leave a lot of mysteries out there and a lot of things for the player to do.”

When Bungie first announced Bungie discussed the games universe taking up their next ten years. At least the campaign wont be the end of the fun. 

“We’ve named a raid, but that’s just one of the examples of the kind of stuff we want to give player,” said Osborne. “Once they reach what they believe is the peak in the game, then we really just want to blow their minds with a whole bunch of crazy, like, ‘Now go try that!'”

I just hope they don’t pull another Halo 2 with the games story. Bungie recently revealed the Achievements and Trophies that players will be working towards.

In the Bungie Weekly Update ‘urk’ revealed that game production hasn’t cost anywhere near the $500 million that has apparently been put aside by Activision. Sounds like their is going to be a lot of DLC coming to the game, hopefully for free.

Destiny will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the 9th of September, in July the beta will be available to everyone who pre orders the game.

See you on the Battlefields.

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