catlateral damage

Seeing life through the eyes of a destructive cat as you pounce and jump around a virtual house knocking over everything in sight is finally becoming a possibility now Catlateral Damage has reached its Kickstarter goal with 11 days to go. Now developer Chris Chung is aiming for stretch goals to add new locations for you to destroy as well as getting Steam Workshop support and, if the $100,000 mark is achieved, a PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Much like most great indie-gaming hits, Catlateral Damage started life as a game-jam project. A browser-based Unity version of the game was released which was met with both critical and fan acclaim resulting in Chung seeking funding for a standalone release on Steam. The game, described by Chung as a “The premier first-person destructive cat simulator. Play as a cooped-up house cat and knock stuff onto the floor,” is now ever closer to being released on Steam.

With 11 days left to go, Catlateral Damage has recieved $46,000, $6000 over the original target of $40,000. To celebrate Chung has released a handful of stretch goals which’ll see a bunch of new levels such as a Supermarket Bonus Level, and Museum Bonus Level, launching alongside the game when its hopefully released in November this year.

What’s more, if an extra $60,000 is raised, Chung hopes to bring the game to the PlayStation 4. For more information about Catlateral Damage or to pledge yourself, head to the Kickstarter page here. To play the Unity demo of the game, head to the Catlateral Damage web page here.

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