Ubisoft‘s Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand graced the E3 stage this evening with news of updated gameplay elements for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Taking control of Arnaud (Arno), up to three players can join you in story mode missions to take down targets and explore 1789 Paris, France. Remember that nifty little trick introduced during ACIII in which Connor Kenway would spontaneously find an open window, freak out couple of householders and leap through another open window on the adjacent side of the building?

It would appear as though the development team have taken this and ran with it; keeping in mind that you’ll effectively have four sets of eyes and hidden blades taking control of an assassination contract, Unity appears to take outdoor components and places them inside the gigantic buildings of stockings-wetting housing Parisian aristocrats.

Basically, the overall feel is a lot more reminiscent of the Ezio era, being placed in Europe and all.

Upon completing the mission, the presentation ended with a massively gruesome look at some poor sod’s severed head. Rest assured this will likely be the most visually grim game of the Assassin’s Creed franchise thus far. All’s fair in love and anarchy.

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