Microsoft unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for Lionhead Studios upcoming fantasy adventure, Fable Legends, showing off the games four-player cooperative play and how players can worth together to defeat the various Goblins and Ogres that your band of four come across.

The trailer, which you can see above takes a look at both sides of the story showing you the four heroes that you and three other friends will be able to play as well as some of the enemies you can play as too. As the villain in the story you’ll be able to take control of various characters in a sort of top-down commander mode as the four other players battle it out in the standard over the shoulder affair.

The trailer also gives us a closer look at the Ogre, one of the games more ruthless and difficult to defeat opponents, and how players need to work together in order to defeat this beast whilst trying not to get flattened by his huge club.

Fable Legends launches exclusively on Xbox One, a release date is yet to be revealed.

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