Ubisoft did us all a service at the start of their press conference. The opening trailer for Farcry 4. It all starts with the main protagonist on a bus journey towards what looks like a Pakistani border crossing, before being stopped for a routine check. Shortly after it all descends into anarchy and gunfire starts. Then the big bad flies in. He’s the guy you all know from the Farcry 4 cover, who caused all sort of controversy when the game’s cover was released.

His entrance is about as understated as a rock to the face, setting him up as an egotistical nutjob unlike the Vaas Farcry 3 lovers have grown to remember forever. Instead of insanity, this antagonist seems malevolent and power hungry. There’s nothing scarier than the desire for control and this character seems to epitomise it, seconds before stabbing a soldier to death and complaining about the blood on his shoes.

That is, without mentioning the blood running down his face.

His now trademark pink trousers are in full bloom and his jacket is going to send sales of similar coats skyrocketing online. There’s something a little more interesting though, he knows the main character. This isn’t just some chance encounter as in previous Farcry titles. This has all been planned. You’re in the party and there’s no escape. This could build some incredibly interesting dialogue and make for a compelling game world. There migth even be some helicopter flying?

Right at the end Producer Dan Hay revealed that this is the first five minutes of actual gameplay. You’ll be given a passport, a bus ride and a gun. After that, you’re on your own. He also reiterated that Farcry 4 is coming out November 18th.

There will be more on Farcry 4 later in the evening so we will keep you updated. Remember, for all your E3 news keep yourself on n3rdabl3 for the latest.

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