In what was a big night for EA Sports we saw a first glimpse at FIFA 15 at this year’s E3 conference.

Boasting some rather irrelevant additions like ‘player emotion’ the brief introduction to FIFA 15 sounded like it was going to be lacking in depth and innovation.

To our surprise though it seems that there will be some tweaks to the game engine, with a new agility processor meaning better control over dribbling and a fluidity of movement when attacking an opponent’s box.

There is also more depth added to the fans placed in the stadiums, which has always been an area that EA have been pretty lazy on.

Some of the famous atmospheres that were quoted included Manchester City fans adopted celebration in the Poznan, the daunting atmosphere of La Bombonera in Argentina, and the rich history of the Kop at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium.

The trailer did enough to get people talking about the title, even if it was pretty similar to the teaser for FIFA 14.

FIFA 15 will be available in North America from September 23 and in Europe from September 26.

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