Executive Producer Rachel Franklin took to the E3 stage adorned in a familiar glowing, green hue to showcase what’s new in the upcoming release of The Sims 4.

One major focal point of the presentation was, unfortunately, something which we keep hearing; that Sims now have influence over the behaviour and emotions of other Sims around them.

The gameplay trailer explores the story of Chuck, a hotheaded poet, and his elderly neighbour Gladice who thoroughly hates his work; so much so that she finds it appropriate to fight with him over it. Really, Gladice? That isn’t very neighbourly.

After working out for countless hours and throwing a party,  Chuck finds himself confronted by an angry Gladice who we see influences other Sims around her to react disapprovingly. One of the game’s main focuses is, clearly, emotion, and the “lively, vibrant neighbourhoods” to create and explore.

Such situations can be rectified by players or allowed to continue, either way allowing emotions and memories to influence Sim’s behaviour for sometime after.

Avid Simmers will also be happy to know that Cow Plants are sill a thing, as is a reworked version of the Exchange system in which players can upload and download other people’s creations.

Another new way for a Sim to die was also revealed in the video; it’s now possible for them to laugh so hard that they find themselves facing off with old Grim.

The Sims 4 will be available for purchase – earlier than the October prediction – on September 2nd 2014.

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