evolve 2

Evolve got a fancy new trailer shown at Microsoft’s conference along with the announcement that new content will be on the Xbox One first.

Bad news for gamers looking forward to Evolve on PS4 and PC but the good news is that it’s likely to be timed content, meaning it’ll probably get released on all versions eventually. What the content is has not yet been revealed.

For those who don’t know about Evolve is, it’s a 5 player co-op game which pits 4 human players against a player controlled monster that Evolves through the game, hence the title. Each of the players has a set class with different abilities like a jetpack, and have to work quick to take down the monster before it grows too strong for the players to take down.

Developed by the same people who made the original Left4Dead, Evolve is looking to be an exciting title for those who love a good co-op game with mates.

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