If there’s one thing that’s exciting most anime loving 3DS owners, it’s the release of the new Story of Seasons and Natsume’s Harvest Moon games, but the latest trailer for Story of Seasons is about as exciting as a wet slice of bread.

E3 trailers are usually overly hyped and include ridiculously over the top gameplay clips, but the E3 trailer for Story of Seasons might as well be a Power Point presentation, there’s no gameplay, but there’s plenty of panning box art from the games history, there’s Word Art-like headings and a cheesy soundtrack that’d suit any cheap 90’s infomercial, there’s just no information about the game what so ever..

What’s the deal?

Maybe XSEED has that much faith in a game which they claim is “the best selling farm / life simulator” or maybe they don’t give two cahoots about whether you buy it or not, I mean, it’s doing well in Japan at least. There’s plenty of gameplay footage floating about online, so why is this trailer so bad?

Story of Seasons is set to land in North America later this year, with an European release TBA.

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