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In an announcement on the official Battlefield 4 website EA have revealed details of the next DLC pack for Battlefield 4.

The DLC, titled Dragon’s Teeth, will throw players into “dense Pacific cities” to fight all out Urban Warfare.

Across the Orient players will be traversing rooftoop markets, fighting amongst statutes of tyranny in concrete jungles, battling on a floating restaurant and ambushing a large park via a maze of canals and rivers.

Of course each of these maps will come with their own Levolution events, including the ability to drain a lake, turning a siege on a floating restaurant into an all out vehicular assault.

It certainly sounds like a good mix of different maps to suit different playing styles, which is a far cry from the vehicle focused Naval Strike, which was the last release in the range of Battlefield 4 DLCs.

Alongside the four new multiplayer maps there will be five new weapons that have not yet been seen in Battlefield 4, as well as a new gadget dubbed the “Ballistical shield”, which will allow players to block incoming bullets.

There will also be a new Battle pickup, the R.A.W.R, a heavily armed vehicle that can be controlled remotely, allowing destruction from a distance.

One new game mode will also be introduced across the multitude of new maps, Chain Link, which sounds similar to to Conquest, with an added focus on capturing objects in a “chain” to score bigger points.

The DLC is rounded off with ten new assignments, each with their own unlocks.

Dragon’s Teeth certainly sounds like a content rich and exciting DLC, of course it will be free for premium players, with non-premium gamers likely paying the going rate of £11.99 for the content.

Still no word on concrete release date, but this is expected to be the first of the Summer set of DLCs for Battlefield 4, so we’re not expecting to wait to long for Dragon’s Teeth to hit marketplaces.

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