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We’ve all seen the video of Far Cry 4 showing of the elephants by now, and during that video some of you would of  turned into David Attenborough and commented on how majestic this creature truly was and then the rest of you had “I wonder if you can blow it up” running through your mind. You know I’m right.

Now we can confirm both parts, they are majestic creatures but they can be blown up. Recently, creative game director Alex Hutchinson spoke about two cool features that just be explosive when the game releases at the end of the year. He first spoke about cutting the brakes on vehicles, and painted the scenario “park ’em on a hill, pack it with C4 and then cut the brakes and let it roll down into an outpost and watch AI sorta say that’s a bit weird and then detonate”. Beautiful. As Hutchinson described, you’ll be able to use the technique to distract and then destroy enemies in outpost but I’m sure it’ll be handy in other tasks too.

When it comes to elephants and blowing them up, Hutchinson also divulged that you will be able to make C4 “sticky” and attach it to an elephant and watch it go. Hutchinson also touched on the crafting in the game off the back off elephant explosions saying, “I don’t think there’s any – everyone got sad – you can skin them and sell them, we didn’t want to force people to do it so we’re trying to find different ways of handling it”

During the video interview, which you can watch here, Hutchinson also touches on how the multiplayer will work. You can invite a friend to join your game, do a number of different tasks together and enjoy Far Cry 4 in a multiplayer format but once your friend leaves you can continue the action singleplayer the only difference now is if any tasks you completed together are marked off as completed. Also, if you aren’t interested in doing stuff with friends you can complete the whole game singleplayer. Co-Op isn’t necessary.

Far Cry 4 will be released on PC, PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 18th.

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