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Ubisoft have revealed some key art for Ajay Ghale, the main protagonist in their upcoming game, Far Cry 4. Last week got to meet the games main antagonist, Pagan Min, during Ubisoft’s E3 event which also gave us a glimps at a little of the gameplay. Now Ubisoft have unveiled the games protagonist, Ajay Ghale, along with a new bit of key art for the character.

Described as a “Kyrat native, devoted son, and Pagan Min’s guest of honor,” Ajay Ghale is the character you’ll be playing in Ubi’s latest Far Cry title set deep in the Himalayas. Ghale returns to Kyrat to scatter his mothers ashes but during which he becomes entangled in a civil war against the regime of despotic self-appointed king Pagan Min – it’s this guy who’s set to steal the show.

Check out the character art below.

Far Cry 4

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