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For me, Final Fantasy Explorers totally slipped under the radar. I’ve only recently discovered its announcement, and I couldn’t be more hyped. So while we wait for a release date, Square Enix have launched the official Final Fantasy Explorers website!

The website is all in Japanese right now, but after a couple aimless clicks you can see screenshots and artwork of four different classes, the hub town of the game, and one of the bosses – Ifrit.

The full release will boast both local and online multiplayer, with a single player mode option available too, similarly to the Monster Hunter games. Players will be tasked with completing quests and defeating monsters across the seemingly huge world. Summons from the previous games are also set to appear as boss monsters.

The game was announced for Japan last week, but as of yet there’s no word on an English localisation of the  game. Fingers crossed eh?



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