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As a purchaser of Battlefield 4 along with the expensive premium service on PC and Xbox One, I already feel like an Early Access player. After eight months and a fairly substantial sum of money, the same problems still arise on both versions of the title. Not that is is entirely surprising after the desperately poor launch of Battlefield 3. One would assume EA and DICE would learnt from the legendarily poor launch of the series’ third installment.  As is so often the case though, the expectation we all have that humanity has the capacity to learn from its previous mistakes is left battered and bruised – usually on a loading screen.

Finally it seems DICE are considering a repair of this unsavoury reputation. Not through a more stringent internal quality assurance program or greater practice in the Frostbite engine (which was developed by DICE so why it flails about so much in their hands is an enigma for the ages). How might they plan to bring a more stable Battlefield experience at launch day? By giving players an unfinished version of the game well in advance to test. Think Steam Early Access; brought to you by EA.

DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told GameInformer “We have nothing to announce, but we are having discussions when it comes to early access. It comes not from a business perspective, but more from a perspective of if it would help us have a stable launch of the game.” Don’t however think that this is likely to be similar to the recent Destiny Alpha on PS4.

Rather than pull in thousands upon thousands of players who would see this as more of a demo than Early Access, Troedsson stated “We probably wouldn’t open the floodgates for everyone, but we might do it for geographical territories or people who bought the last game.”

Would you like to see the next Battlefield title – after Hardline – open itself up to some sort of Early Access program? Or do you feel the practice is generally better suited to indie developers on Steam than a AAA studio. Let us know here at n3rdabl3 in the comments box down below.

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