Last month Coffee Stain Studios celebrated the retail release of Goat Simulator, their ridiculous game-jam experiment that became a real game after the internet went wild, here in the UK. Now it seems that North American’s will be able to get a goat in a box too now they’ve signed a deal with Deep Silver to bring the retail version of the game to the US!

Deep Silver have announced that they’ve picked up the North American distribution rights for the daft goat simulation game, Goat Simulator, and will be bringing the boxed edition of the game to the US some time in mid-July. So if you’re hoping to pick up your goat-in-a-box, you’ll be able to do so for the same price as the digital edition, $9.99.

Goat Simulator first launched digitally on PC via Steam on April 1, despite a slight bit of scepticism from fans. The Mac and Linux versions were also released on Valve’s storefront earlier this month. Goat Simulator has also just received a new update which brings with it a brand new map as well as support for split-screen, local multiplayer.

As with the UK release, the boxed edition doesn’t actually come with anything extra, just a box, which if you owned a real goat, would probably just eat it anyway.

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