Earlier this week Google announced that Glass, their fancy bit of technical eye-wear, is now available to buy in the UK, but that wasn’t all Google had to announce as they’ve just revealed that the latest Glass headsets will now contain a few improvements as well as a RAM upgrade from 1GB to 2GB. Unfortunately those who already own Glass, won’t get the upgrade.

With Google I/O just a few hours away, we feel that Google has something big to announce surrounding their Glass eye-wear. First the company releases Glass in the UK, which is then followed by an announcement that Glass will now start shipping with 2GB RAM. I think something big is on the horizon.

Google announced the news on their Google+ page saying ” In the last year we’ve made over a dozen software and several hardware updates. For example, we’ve improved battery life by over 20%, made voice search 10% faster and brought you frames, shades and prescription support.

“With I/O about to kick off, we wanted to share some of the most recent improvements we’ll be rolling out. You asked for…”

Amongst those improvements comes the ability to frame your shots better, by simply saying “ok Glass, show the viewfinder” your Glass will then show white “L’s” in each corner of the screen. You can then either take a photo by saying “ok Glass, take a picture,” with a wink, or by pushing the camera button. Google has also added some new Google Now cards such as the ability for Glass to tell you where you’ve parked your car as well as letting you know when a package has been dispatched.

Google I/O begins at 9am PDT, or for us in the UK,  5pm BST.

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