Google I/O is not just for showing us what’s new and fun for developers and consumers in the world of Google, it’s also great for throwing facts and numbers at our faces that makes us “ooooooh” and “aaaaah”. This years conference is no different, the 2014 Google I/O was kicked off with these jaw dropping Android stats.

Google’s senior VP and Android & Chrome boss Sundar Pichai revealed earlier this evening that the Android operating system boasts 1 billion active users, this being measured over a 30 day period, that’s a definite improvement over last year.

20 billion, yes, 20 billion text messages are sent everyday from Android device. Pichai then went on to say that collectively we check our Android devices 100 billion times a day, I’m betting half of that figure is a “is that your phone or mine?” situation!

Android users also show their faces a lot of love too as 93 million selfies are taken on a daily basis. I mean, that’s a whole lot of face, maybe too much face? Android now joins the 1 billion users club alongside it’s friends; Google Search, Maps and of course YouTube.

Android tablets have also shared equal success with 62% of all tablet shipments run on Android, that’s also not including Android variants such as Kindle which Pichai revealed would raise that number by a few percent, also apps installed on Android powered tablets are up 236%.

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