Tired of waiting for the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V so you can mod it to hell? Well if you can’t wait any longer why not get a modded Xbox 360 which allows you to install cool mods such as this; The First Person Mod.

GTA IV had a very popular first person mod on PC, which basically made player immersion as well as the games gun play much better. Now GTA V has it too, albeit with a few rough edges. For instance if you look too far one way you end up seeing your own face, something that is definitely not commonplace in true first person.

The mod was made by XBLToothPik and for something which is on console, a supposedly unmodifiable medium, it’s not bad at all.

Check out the first part of the video above, and the second part of the video below.

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3V3pnAYcjI”]

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