In the hopes to revive Killzone: Shadow Fall’s dwindling multiplayer mode now other big first person shooters are on the scene, Guerrilla Games are gearing up to launch the Interceptor DLC which will bring a cooperative wave-based game mode to the space-age shooter.

To drum up hype for the DLC which will be free for Season Pass holders or $9.99 for Killzone: Shadow Fall owners, Guerilla Games has released a new trailer showcasing some of the hectic battles you’ll face when attacking and defending areas from swarms of Helghast. Teams of four will have to choose between four different classes, sniper, medic, shooter and tactician, each with their own unique abilities, weaknesses, and tasks to complete.

Throughout the game players will earn points that they’ll have to “bank” at certain drop-off points in the game, these points are then used to revive downed team mates as well as adding to the overall score needed to win the game. Players who keep a hold of points will earn multipliers, but as soon as they die the points die with them.

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Intorceptor DLC is set to land on PlayStation 4 on June 25. The game is also set to receive a standalone version which is pegged for an August release and will set players back $19.99.

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