The Last of Us: Remastered is a next-gen remaster of the original title which launched on PlayStation 3 in June last year. The game received critical success which has sparked Sony to re-release the game, but better, on the PlayStation 4. There was just one problem – the asking price of around $59.99. Thankfully Sony have lowered the price by $10.

Those who pre-ordered the digital version of the game will recieve  a $10 refund in the next week or so according to VP of publisher and developer relations at PlayStation, Adam Boyes. As for the physical disc-copy, Target have followed suit and have also dropped the price, whether they’re offering refunds to those who have pre-ordered hasn’t been confirmed. Other US retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and GameStop, however are still listing the game at the original $59.99 asking price.

There’s been no word of a price drop here in the UK with Amazon still asking for £42.85, and GAME are asking for £49.99, though online retailer GamesSeek are currently offering the game for £37.65.

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