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It was inevitable really, that once Google has established a market for Glass others would launch similar products. This isn’t necessary a bad thing. Think of the first guy that made shoes, they likely tried to get everyone to wear shoes and then other people came along with different designs of shoes, and if only one person owned the rights to footwear we’d all have incredibly boring feet; it’s the same with technology.

Some call it jumping on a bandwagon, in my opinion it’s just good business sense to move forward with new technology, if you can’t be the innovator of such technology it would be naive to ignore something you yourself didn’t create. Instead, learn something new but apply it in a different way, change the build quality and materials, change the identity, what’s under the bonnet may be the same but it’s a different car and with that you can switch up the pricing, and with that you can target a market that maybe your competitors can’t.

Lenovo are probably not who you were expecting to be in amongst the first wave of companies lining up for a slice of that Glass pie, however they filed a patent for their own version two weeks ago.

There’s no guarantee that a patent will ever materialise into something consumers can actually get their hands on but it does look like the start of Google Glass look-a-like’s becoming a thing. Essentially a patent is a place holder and because of this details are vague. but here’s what we do know:

The device is being described as an “Electronic device and a sound capturing method,” with at least two bone conduction microphones in the earpieces, which provide a method of wireless communicating. There’s also mention of audio and video capture with the VOD displays that could provide a sort of ‘head’s up display.’

That’s all we know, it really is that vague. You can read it for yourself here. The imagine included with the patent is very similar to a product recently launched by Google winkwink, personally I can’t wait to see what Lenovo and others can come up with to keep Google on their toes.

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