Steam Summer Sale (19th June)

Hail, thy Steam Summer Sale!

Bring out the trumpets! The triangles! The drums and the cowbell, for the Steam Sale hath begun! Bring forth your wallets, and pour thy shrapnel into thy hands and count it once, twice, thrice, then spend it all abruptly on the next ridiculously cheap game. Oh, how I tremble at the feet of the mighty Gaben, how my back aches with the weight of my Library, how I miss the sight, sounds and smells of the summer – knowing only the dim light of my computer screen, and the endless night of my drawn curtains.

But oh, how it’s worth the sacrifice. I know that once the sale has ended my wallet will be clean and pure, my computer bulging with faith, my eyes wide with sleepless nights, mind working through both complex and simple narratives.

It’s day one, dawn of a new day, the sun is shining, and I think you should buy:

Democracy 3Democracy 3 – I haven’t actually played Democracy 3, but I’ve seen enough playthroughs to know that I really really want it. I added it to my wish list many months ago, and have been waiting for an opportunity (like this) to purchase it. Democracy 3 is, basically, a government simulator in which you play as the president or prime minister of a country wrought with various issues. As prime minister, you must attempt to solve the heavy issues affecting your country – be that crime, unemployment, terrorism, climate change or many others – but things aren’t all that simple. Every action has a reaction; and whilst improving the air quality of the region might seem like a universal good, the legislation that gets you there might upset a large amount of your citizens. Remember – these are the people you need to please; if you fail to win the vote, you fail.

It’s currently going for £6.45 – 66% off (usually retailing at £18.99). It’s an ace game, and the devs only recently released the Extremism update – in which you can make the unemployed work for their benefits, force schoolchildren to sing the national anthem every day, or become a radical environmentalist and close all the airports.

Don't StarveDon’t Starve – Simple concept, not a simple game. Ho, oh, definitely not a simple game. Death is swift, painful and often very surprising. It’s an uncompromising wilderness survival game chock full of science and magic and presented in a cute Burton-esque style. The game is best played blind – no googling, no wiki-ing, just you, a mouse and a keyboard. You start with nothing, and you’ll most likely end with nothing – but what you learn, experience and craft along the way will make you mile, laugh, and cry.

I remember buying this game when it first came out. I spent close to three days solid on it, before reluctantly leaving the house to go to work. When I came home I’d be back on it, attempting to survive the winter, well into the early hours. The game updates regularly, and the DLC is also currently on offer on Steam at £5.59 (60% off), whilst the game by itself is going for a gloriously cheap £2.74 (%75 off).

XCOMXCOM: Enemy Unknown – These day’s everyone’s about FPS’s and RPG’s, so much so that the good old strategy games are shunted to the back row. XCOM is just that – a turn-based strategy game that was surprisingly faithful to the original XCOM game. It plays and feels like an old school game, but without any of the encumbrances. With a slick design, intuitive interface and an easy to grasp control scheme you can get really fall into the game.

Placed in control of a secret organisation called XCOM, your role is to defend the planet against alien invasions by managing soldiers including their weapons and equipment, researching new technologies, and engaging in combat strategies and unit tactics. You can grab the core game for just £3.75 (75% off), and with additional DLC’s at £5.09 (XCOM & The Bureau) and £8.24 (XCOM, Elite Soldier Pack, Slingshot Pack, Enemy Within).

Flash Sales:

BUY HOTLINE MIAMI. That’s an order. It’s currently going for £1.04 (85% off). An incredible, incredible game.
Mirrors Edge is currently going for £2.49 (75% off).
Devil May Cry for £7.49 (75% off).
and Dead Island: Riptide for £4.99 (also 75% off).

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