Mario Kart 8

We can’t say that we’re regular eaters of McDonalds here at N3, but when we do go, you can bet we’re going for the kick ass Happy Meal toys. The good folks over at Nintendo have done a deal with deliciousness (we swear, Mcdonalds aren’t paying us to write that) to bring you nothing other than Mario Kart 8 toys in your little box of greasy, squishy tasty fun, something we hinted at back in February.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, and some kind of a Mario visor make up the full set, which means you’ll need to buy at least seven little boxes of fried whatever if you’re going to get them all. Be sure to share that food around now, we don’t want you having a heart attack.*

*By reading this sentence (haha, too late, you’ve already started) you agree that any medical related emergencies related to you eating a dozen Happy Meals will be as a result of your own stupidity and that no blame can be attached to the writer or Happy eating!

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