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When the first Kinect launched for the Xbox 360 in November 2010, it wasn’t very well received amongst consumers. Sure, it’s a fantastic device and works incredibly well on the games that supported it, but it wasn’t very well utilised elsewhere. Shooting forward to the launch of the Xbox One which was now bundled with the new-and improved Kinect, things have certainly changed despite Microsoft recently dropping the peripheral and releasing Standalone Xbox One SKU. But that’s okay, as Microsoft’s Phil Spencer thinks you’ll buy one soon enough.

Speaking with following their E3 briefing earlier this month, Spencer talked about the success of the PlayStation 4, congratulating Sony but also stressing that it’s still “early, early days.” He also touched upon the reason why the Xbox One fell behind the PlayStation 4 mentioning that it was important that they released a version of the Xbox One without Kinect, despite the peripheral being a core part of the Xbox One experience.

“A Kinect game relies on the successful Xbox One installed base,” Spencer said. “I need to, as the head of Xbox, make sure that we’ve got a platform and a product offering that millions of consumers will love, and I stay focused on that. That’s where I’m at now. We’ll also continue to evolve what Kinect can do.”

“We see millions and millions of people using Kinect today. We’ve had over a billion voice commands used. The use of Kinect in people’s homes is incredibly high. And because people are continuing to use it, it’s an area we’re going to continue to invest, in terms of making the experience better,” he revealed. “And I think that makes building games in that environment even better.

“Consumers love the device; they love the experience,” he continued. “They’ll buy it. They’ll either buy it at launch when they buy their console, or they’ll be able to buy it after the $399 console; they’ll pick it up and add it on later. And we’ll continue to make sure that experience is great.”

The Kinect for the Xbox One is a brilliant addition to the console and makes navigating as well as interacting with the console a much more enjoyable experience. Want to record a gameplay clip? Just ask the Kinect. Want to quickly snap to your party to see who’s playing? Just ask the Kinect. There’s no need to interrupt your game to do these things, and it’s that convenience that makes the Kinect 2.0 truly awesome.

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