Mirror’s Edge 2 teaser

Mirror’s Edge 2 is slowly becoming as notorious as Half Life 3. We all know it’s happening, but we don’t know when. The only difference between the two highly anticipated games is that DICE has directly acknowledged Mirror’s Edge 2’s existence. Speaking with Eurogamer DICE GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson discussed the future of Mirror’s Edge 2 as well as touching on Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus Support.

Unfortunately for those of you with your fingers tightly crossed that Mirror’s Edge 2 will come with support for VR, Troedsson doesn’t think it’ll be a “mass market thing,” and that it just wouldn’t work as a main feature to the game.

“There’s a guy who did it and he says it himself: after a while this is a bit overwhelming. You have vertigo and first-person movement. How many people of the population out there wouldn’t throw up when they played that?” But that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen as Troedsson added “it would be great if we could have that support for Mirror’s Edge, but it would never become a mass market thing.” Stating that it would only be something you’d play “maybe for five minutes at a time.”

As for a release date Troedsson didn’t actually have that much to offer, “It’s coming when it’s ready. Mirror’s Edge is a project we’re going about from a slightly different way. We’re looking to give the team more time and having a slightly smaller team than we’ve done in the past.” He did say that once DICE do have something to talk about, they’ll show off some of the key changes to the core of the game. “When the current team we have now took on the idea of a new version of Mirror’s Edge they made some changes to the core recipe, which I’m not ready to talk about today, but what I can say is when we saw it, the management, we were like, yes, this is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Mirror’s Edge 2 was first announced in 2013 at E3 with little-to-no deatails. It was also shown at this years E3 expo, but again, not a lot of information was revealed.

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